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Spring 2000

Thinking About Food: Balancing Worry and Pleasure

Paul Rozin, University of Pennsylvania

The Welfare-To-Work Grants Program: Evaluation Design and Preliminary Evidence

Demetra Nightengale, Urban Institute

The Governance of Smart Growth and the Political Economy of Urban Sprawl

Royce Hanson, UMBC Policy Sciences

Building or Bridging Social Capital? Innovations in British Local Democracy

Lawrence Pratchett, DeMontfort University, United Kingdom

Fall 1999

The Measurement of a Priori Voting Power: Some Fundamental Issues

Dan Felsenthal, University of Haifa, Israel

Professional Sports and Economic Development

Dennis Coates and Brad Humphreys, UMBC Economics

The Economics of Educational Reform

Eric Hanushek, University of Rochester

Intergovernmental Aspects of Policy for Older Adults

Phoebe Liebig, University of Southern California

Workfare Comes to Britain: Thank You But No Thank You

Robert Walker, Loughborough University, England

Rational Choice and Some of its Alternatives

Thomas Schelling, University of Maryland College Park